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Benefits to You

  • Large organizations in corporations yearn for more leadership and less micro-management by executives and managers. PRLD helps management teams understand the difference between management and leadership. Clients learn practical techniques to improve alignment and build employee morale, improving work focus and productivity.
  • Too many small business owners develop a business plan of activities and financials, but fail to clarify a vision and key strategies for the company. PRLD can help clarify vision and strategies to focus performance and improve success.  Training seminars specifically for small business are available at an affordable value per person.
  • Being on very restricted budgets, non-profits and churches cannot often afford high quality leadership and team development. PRLD offers substantial discounts and donates some hours to such organizations. Contact PRLD for workshops and seminars available to non-profit organizations and churches and for references.
  • Government organizations often have strict requirements in soliciting bids for services, and PRLD has successfully met these requirements for key government groups. Managers in government can benefit from learning to balance leadership with management. Many government supervisors have found PRLD's training does improve results by focusing work groups to key measurable goals with accountability. Managers and supervisors also learn motivational techniques to improve morale as certain awards and compensation for recognition simply do not exist as they do in the business world.
  • Each of us can become a better leader through learning and on-the-job practice! An individual should be accountable for his or her training and development. Organizations of all types have opportunities for good leaders. Contact PRLD for seminars and workshops for individuals.

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